Event 1 : Brighton 20:20 and Beyond: ‘Open Space’ 10 May 2014

Is Brighton on course to survive Climate Change and thrive in the face of 21st century challenges?
If not, what do we need to do?

‘Open Space’ events are participant-led, so that people can have the conversations that they really want, and are a key tool in the Transition Towns toolkit for helping us to self-organise.

The main themes discussed were:

  • IMG_1259Why should we care, why are we really here, what is our motivation?
  • How do we make these issues real for people, and mainstream?
  • What is missing, and what is needed?
  • Sharing stories on connecting through cloth: from cheap cast-offs to human relationships
  • Transition and politics
  • How can students get involved?
  • What is Transition, and how can we explain it to someone with no idea?


Many felt that the event was inspiring and encouraging, that there was a need for more networking and connecting, that there were gaps in current activity in Brighton, and that something different is needed.


There was lots of insight into how change can happen, and we’ve listened to suggestions about how to make it work, what helps, and what doesn’t.

This first event took place as part of a longer term strategy including several events using the same format, and we were encouraged to see an appetite for more, and some sense that the Transition model might have some relevance.

What next?


Please keep in touch for future events or if you want to be more involved.