Rethink Brighton Event 11 October 2014

How can we support each other in creating massive change?

Notes from our ‘Open Space‘ discussions


Energy production/supply – how to expand the ability of communities to produce their own?

Availability/close to home

Worked with what people are already engaged in

Engineers – the knowledge

= proposals

= possibilities – ground source, solar panels, tidal, wind (out to sea), rain (drain pipe)

council run data search



Certainty of support – security in investing – community providers

home demonstrations of how to use – awareness of how much you are – simple solution – do this > save this > payback periods

But why not reduce consumption?


Leadership, sub-committees in Transition groups with specific interest and skills who can take action in those areas and feedback to the group and make network?

Don’t be afraid of structure, it helps more good ideas to become inspiring and produce replicable action

Informal, rapid, specialist sub-groups that feedback e.g. waste, energy

Action not just talk – can alienate others

It can empower and support

don’t fear leadership/structure – can lead to unofficial hierarchy – shared accountability. Need to think about power

need to be careful of replicating unequal structures (both explicit and underneath the surface) by introducing hierarchies.

Links/apathy/casting the net wide

Build a snapshot of what already exists within Brighton that’s heading in the same direction – network

People’s apathy

Casting the net wide

No functioning transition group in Brighton at the moment

What is the difference between a Transition Town and a town with lots of this stuff happening?

Other groups e.g. HASL

Does there need to be more connections?

Link to what is happening already

Local examples

Global examples

>> Inspiration


Everyone can be a Transition person

Accepting and welcoming!

No ‘them and us’



What do people need? e.g. Economic change

Can’t afraid of failure

Open minded, practical

Include people at whatever level they can be involved

Finding common ground and not being divisive – not preaching to the converted

Don’t want to put people off ideas – it’s not a sacrifice
Notes from the end – Ideas and comments raised at the end

Transition at Sussex, linking things together and moving forward

Taking forward some ideas

Want to take forward education idea – will meet as part of other meeting. ‘Bike It Ben’ mentioned, PSHE classes

Set up Doodle for those people who wanted to arrange meet up to do so – DONE.

Using Brighthelm as a venue – not that open?

Would like to see the group grow and do big things in the future

Would like to see strategy, hadn’t realised there was one before. For now wants to mull over everything from the meeting