The Pioneers: First steps – forming a team and a plan

Q: Why are we not opening our doors to the public? Isn’t that counter to the spirit of Transition?

A small group of people have been meeting together to flesh out a strategy for establishing what might become a Transition Initiative, or project deeply influenced by the Transition Towns model, style and spirit.

It is a slow process that requires patience, but we want to do it right and create something that might outlive us, or at least be successful at doing what we have set out to do. Taking our cue from Permaculture and Transition principles, we feel that putting the time and effort into our design is very important. One of our critical tasks is establishing a healthy, enjoyable and effective culture of collaboration, which means finding a group of people who can work well together, who share a common understanding and get on.

For these reasons, we have been quite careful to welcome and attract people that we think might have the right combination of enthusiasm, experience and ideally some understanding of the Transition model. We are not yet sufficiently established and able to open our doors to the public. When the time is right to invite general interest, we feel this project could attract attention and it is important that we are ready and equipped for that.

We are also trying to embody the lessons of the previous attempt to establish a Transition Initiative locally, as well as learning lessons from across the Transition movement. Perhaps most significantly however, we are following the Transition process as we see it. The first step is forming a group that can work and grow together, enjoyably, and this is perhaps the most under appreciated and discussed aspect of the Transition model. We feel that working without fanfare is likely to aid our success. We certainly hope to open our doors and create meaningful ways for everyone to be involved, when ready.

If we get this right, then we can get on with perhaps the more exciting work that people associate with Transition. We have been using among ourselves the term ‘Pioneers’ to describe the role of those who establish what others may want to become involved with later. Our job is to build something that people want to be a part of, and that can make best use of people’s time and energy.

If you think you can help us build something beautiful, starting from the very early stages, then we’d love to chat.