Vision Mission and Aims statement (VMA) of the ReThink Brighton Pioneers Circle,
and Principles for working –┬áMarch 2014


In our vision all people in our city are able to work together to find ways to live that support a high quality of life for people and planet, building a strong local economy and promoting well being for all.


We support, connect, and mobilise people and organisations in Brighton and Hove to collaborate in creating ways of living that promote prosperity and well being for all but also fit the realities of the 21st century:

  • Carbon emissions that threaten the climate that supports life
  • Excessive destruction and pollution of ecosystems
  • Oil depletion
  • Limited resources
  • The need for more local resilience, through local enterprises and more local ownership and control.


1.0 Whole System Understanding and Problem Solving

1.1 To promote increasing discussion and understanding throughout our city of the interconnected challenges facing society this century, including climate change, resource limits and diminishing oil.

1.2 Facilitate diverse and extensive participation in co-creating and implementing inspiring, bold and achievable visions and solutions for these and related challenges that residents can consent to and embody with enthusiasm in neighbourhoods and across the city so that a sense of urgency is balanced with hope and confidence.

1.3 Enable people to find strategies that connect together many of these challenges and solutions to address a number of goals at the same time, such as:

i) reducing use and waste of energy and resources

ii) generating renewable energy locally

iii) stopping emitting carbon, and capture it from exhausts and the air to store it in useful materials and chemicals

iv) restoring local urban ecosystems

v) fostering local businesses that practise and provide these solutions and create more jobs and opportunities for all .

2.0 Connecting People through a Focal Point and Network For Collective Impact

2.1 Establish or support a focal point that attracts a diversity of people and sources of funds, and helps create a consortium of stakeholders collaborating for collective impact in materialising our shared vision.

2.2 Support and strengthen existing local networks of people and organisations with common aims

3.0 Project Incubation and Support

Initiate or support local businesses and projects aligned to our mission by accessing or providing the information, skills and resources to launch and grow them and address problems or blockages on the way.

4. Developing and Learning Principles, Methods and Skills together

4.1 Increase the understanding and use of Transition principles, skills and tools within the organisation and across the city for community engagement in creating together the changes seen to be needed to move towards sustainable living.

4.2 Increase the practices and skills that will be more and more necessary in a post carbon, participatory and resource efficient society that fosters wellbeing and fits the needs of people and planet.

4.3 Support, share and learn with people and organisations regionally, nationally and internationally.

5. Organising for the 21st Century

Establish a Sociocratic co-operative organisation to facilitate our work and encourage by example meaningful participatory democracy elsewhere.

7th March 2014

Our Principles

  • We will pay attention to good practice in effective communication and the understanding of behaviour,and strive to live our vision and values in our practice in how we are and what we do
  • We act locally with regional and international networks
  • We support the growth of the Solution Economy, creating meaningful paid work locally that recognises and addresses inequalities and exclusion
  • We draw upon the principles, attitude and style encouraged by the Transition Network, the tools of Permaculture and its framework of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share
  • We listen, learn and serve with humility and wisdom, as much as we speak, teach and recruit
  • We aim to connect, amplify, accelerate and celebrate the good work of others, rather than replicate or seek credit
  • We seek to make participation enjoyable, healthy and effective
  • We celebrate and utilise diversity as a key ingredient in any healthy system or solution, while also designing for mass appeal
  • Everyone is liberated and encouraged to do great work, but use of the name and resources of this initiative is by explicit consent only, and with reference to our strategy, VMA and principle
  • All members and participants must be aware that we have a need to maintain a safe, welcoming and productive environment, and that we will take any steps necessary to ensure that.

7th March 2014